Author: MartaTaylor


The next chapter

Vesto, Marone

We did it! We made our dream come true and we bought a house on Lake Iseo – our favorite place in the world. We live only 10 min walk from the best bakery in Italy. And, yes I am not exaggerating. Walking into Briola is like watching an Italian movie. The staff is lovely and the owner Paola has the most wonderful and welcoming “Ciaoooo”.

Briola 1955 –
Coffee with pistachio brioche = Heaven on Earth

We found a house with a beautiful view and a lot of work to do. We love working on projects together and this one will give us an opportunity to learn a lot. What we learned recently is that some of the buildings that were illegally built contain asbestos. I have to admit I didn’t quite understand what is asbestos and how to deal with it. The first lesson is going to be on how to remove it.

We decided to stay in the old stone part of the house for now. This one will be the last one we will bring back to life. The newer part went through some fire and has a lot of mold. We will have to work on it as soon as possible. To start we want to figure out what we want to do. It’s possible that rebuilding completely is the best solution. Looking at it from the environmental perspective we would like to save as much as we can from the old house. We started looking more and more into passive houses. To achieve that may be the easiest to start from scratch. At the moment we are starting to understand what the energy class G stands for. The old stone house has very thick walls but it’s very cold. We try silicon and padding for the doors and windows but there is a long way ahead of us. The rooms are cold and w still didn’t master how to enjoy our fireplace without the smoke inside. Work in progress…